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Please see our featured products for what we currently have in stock.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the United States Military, law enforcement and the world's leading handgun and rifle manufacturers, we are committed to offering you only the highest quality magazines.
Featured Products
  Description SKU Price
M1A25 Magazines M1A25
1911 9 Round .38 Super with Removable Base CM38S-9-S-RB
MAG 44 Magazines MAG 44
CM45-7-S Magazines CM45-7-S
CM45-7-B-H Magazines CM45-7-B-H
CM45-7-S-H Magazines CM45-7-S-H
CM45-7-S-H-CMF Magazines CM45-7-S-H-CMF
CM45-7-B-GI Magazines CM45-7-B-GI
CM45-7-S-GI Magazines CM45-7-S-GI
CM45-8-S-H Magazines CM45-8-S-H
Stainless Steel 7rd Compact CM45-7C-S
Blue Carbon 7rd Compact Magazine CM45-7C-B
CM9MM-B-10 Magazines CM9MM-B-10
CM38S-9-S Magazines CM38S-9-S
CM10MM-9-S Magazines CM10MM-9-S
Blue carbon 7rd Compact magazine with Hybrid Feed Lips CM45-7C-B-H
8RD Extended Stainless Steel Hybrid Magazine CM45-8-S-RB-EXT
Beretta 92FS 9mm 15rd CM9MM-DFL-15
M1A5 Magazines M1A5
M1A15 Magazines M1A15
M1A20 Magazines M1A20
M1A20-S Magazines M1A20-S
Magnum 50 Caliber 7rd Round MAG-50

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